Cindy loves designing and working in creative teams. She loves technology and welcomes conversations with programmers because she thinks they are very interesting. She loves entrepreneurship and will gladly entertain ideas of how to market a business. She is curious about life, culture, and people. When there is enough time, she wishes to return to her past time hobby illustrating children stories and get her inspirations from her toddler, Bethany Rose. 

Cindy has been an art director/designer close to 20 years now. She started as a web/interactive designer at Cnation. She worked closely with programmers, weekly trading ideas and information about online technology. This is a habit she still does to this day. She always wants to know how far she can design while stretching the technology. She had fun dabbling in the game industry, with clients such as Capcom, Konami, Activision, and Fox Interactive.She would regularly switch back and forth between game to corporate, e-commerce, architecture, healthcare and other industries, all in one day’s work.

Working at a small agency like The Mad Haus, she wore many hats, from being a designer, a trainer for younger designers, a coach for clients, a connector at networking meetings, to the occasional office floor sweeping which she happily did to get the job done and the team facilitated. She designed various projects, like print collaterals, signage, motion graphics, interactive presentations and mobile apps. She helped winning long time clients in food and energy industries, as well as other industries like horse racing/breeding, government and countless others.

She collaborates with other designers and programmers as a freelancer. She has grown to like entrepreneurship and can spot marketing opportunities in every client she meets.

Cindy received her education from Art Institute of Seattle and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. In her free time, she enjoys reading, drawing, dancing, talking to her philosophical sister and her complex best friend.

Experience: game, medical/healthcare/pharmaceutical, horse racing/breeding, crowd funding, art and entertainment, financial services, transportation, food, hospitality, media, retail, technology, bowling, energy, pets, government, architecture, weddings, children’s and university education, furniture, fine art, cheerleading, construction, music, and real estate.