Designer or "designer"?

We designers, on occasion, go through unpleasant transactions with clients that think we are very expensive and that we are supposed to be affordable like warm fried glazed peanuts. But look at it this way, a client’s project takes serious research and working time because we care about the quality of the work. Why? Because each piece of design we do will/can go to our portfolio. We also care about giving the client good service. Why? Because our reputation depends on how much the client likes us. Why? Because the client are an important link for getting us more clients.

Starting with a budget is a good start. From there, we can modify our solution.

A printer and a designer will give a client different results. A web technician and a web graphic artist will provide a different approach in delivering a successful marketing message.

Take a look at these business cards below, designed by a non-designer and a designer.

Here is an example made by someone who claimed to be “an expert at web design, but not a graphic artist.” I am honestly a bit confused at this term. The “expert” seemed to have broken so many, soooo many, basic design principles. These rules are so basic that even my programmers (the front-enders, back-enders, software programmers) know about it. There are sooo many things that can be improved in the “design” below.

In conclusion, if you hire a competent, experienced designer you will get a long lasting design result that you can re-use, if needed, and build from. A good design will also boost customers’ confidence to use your products and services. Your marketing message will reach customers more effectively (and in a surprisingly creative manner) while still being pleasing to the eye.

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