While I was in Indonesia …

My brother asked me to create a t-shirt design for a Hash event in Bandung, Indonesia. Culture differences and all, I had to go through several rounds before hitting the right visual target.

My office coworkers said: Ouu yea, nice.
My brother said: No, not Hash enough.


My male coworkers said: Oh definitely will wear it!
My brother said: No, still no. Take a look at Hash museum t-shirt for inspiration, please. 

Finally, I met the client. She loved it! She sat next to me watching me changing the colors. She approved it! My brother smiled, proudly.

By accident, Eka, the other in-house-designer, put a hi-res design in a low-res t-shirt template that he had. It looked GREAT! So, now, the client had two t-shirt designs! Look at Eka’s addition for the t-shirt below.




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