About blogging

Hello, I didn’t realize blogging can sometimes be this difficult. Last week, I had some great material, I still think it is. But I couldn’t blog about it because people who were involved in the topic were against each other’s opinion.  I didn’t want to write how they were hostile on each other. It was too bad, as I admire each one of them for their intellect and knowledge.

ANYWAY, that’s just a topic that I will let go. A great topic, really, I’d just discuss it among my girlfriends. The topic that I want to talk about is that I don’t realize that writing a blog isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I read somewhere that you are supposed to write for your clients or your prospective clients. Your blog needs to solve their problems, or at least give some helpful tips…then they will think you are the expert and come to you. Can one just write for herself? Hehehe… Do you have to put monetary value on everything you do? I suppose you have to if you live in this fast pace capitalism country. *Sigh*. Lets have some ideas to write this blog.

I will :

• put up more samples of my work and all the progress of it.
• ask you-know-who to give me more ideas, although I hate troubling them with this mundane task, but who knows…perhaps their ideas will help others.
• be more aware of what is happening surrounding me
• ask  my ladies meeting whether they have questions about what I do, my business, etc, then I can talk about it here.
• think more ideas =)
• start taking pictures of my beautiful portfolio from the past, including school projects that I think is still worthy to look at. Reminiscing. Hmm.

Does anyone else have more tangible ideas? Let me know =)