Entering 2015 – part 1

Entering 2015 – part 1

A couple years have passed since the last time I blogged. 2011-2014 has been a tumultuous, learning, changing, and growing years. Mostly, they are personal stuff that I didn’t feel like blogging it for the whole public to see. Only those that are closest to me knew what was going on during those years.

Nowadays seemed appropriate that I start blogging again. About what, I’m not sure. It won’t be about business, art, design all the time now. Perhaps slightly philosophical. Who knows. A lot of things need to be realigned for a higher purpose. How shallow I have lived before.

But anyway, during this studious time online (following conference and discipleship sessions), I kept my hands busy by creating some Christmas cards. It kept my mind somewhat focused on listening to the speaker.