Entering 2015 – Part 2

Entering 2015 – Part 2

This is my first winter in Reno, NV. The temperature is colder than my fridge. I managed to walk around the neighborhood despite of it. I love seeing all this new stuff, this white winter wonderland. It’s not glorious like Boston or Mammoth. But this is good enough for me for my introduction.

2014 has been a great year. To compile it together with my sister:

  • I got married in Maui
  • I moved to Reno
  • Some friends created new business with me: CDM Creative
  • Doug, Rosa’s husband, turned 50
  • 10th year anniversary for Doug and Rosa
  • Got introduced to Morningstar Ministry and their pastors
  • Got introduced to more deeply serious, similar-goaled people and prophets
  • Met Eric Moen (who is this guy, I’m still wondering sometime)
  • Got pregnant
  • Got a visit from bapak Andereas Samudera in LA
  • Rosa started a new successful business

There are probably more stuff that happened, I will remember more later.

2015 is going to be a greater year for us all. For America as well. I can already see, that this year:

  • Have baby, doh.
  • Meet Lance Wallnau, Dave Yarnes, maybe a glimpse of Rick Joyner and his puppy
  • Rosa will get pregnant .. mmm =) where do I get this from?

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