When graphic design compliments necklace design

Recently, my sister got an order to create a wordy necklace. She has to use gold wire continuously, no joining together with glue or soldering. Hence a good, readable design is needed.

Can you read what it says, below?


We polled it among some friends. Only 1 could read it. 2 was hesitant. 3 couldn’t it read it at all. What they read was “The li life” or “The u life” etc. My sister almost sent it out, luckily we caught the problem. So my sister and I did some study.

Here is my analysis about it.

necklace-comment3 necklace-comment2 necklace-comment1

My friend from CA chimed in also. He had a pretty interesting twist to the necklace. We couldn’t use it, however, because the customer was quite specific about the letters that she wanted. Notice how he integrated the letter “T” and “h” then smoothed out “W” and “i” removing the dot. I wonder if he was drinking too much coffee, seeing the jagged-y lines he made.


Here is the final, BEFORE and AFTER design of the necklace. I think this is quite an improvement. The workmanship is much more stable here, and the word is more readable.