Christmas Card Project

Christmas Card Project

All the designers here were asked to contribute their time to make greeting cards to be sold on one of our websites. Making a good design takes time, and it’s already November! Sure we hope it’s going to sell nicely, just like one of those iPhone/iPad apps for $1.99 to millions of customers. But, will it? To save some time and to generate quantity, I came up with the idea to ask our fine artist clients to contribute their art to be re-purposed (all of us are going to get percentage of the profit). They love the idea, it never crossed their minds at all to do that.

Here are some examples. These rows of cards were created using watercolor paintings by Karen Bagnard.

As you can see, one painting can have approximately 2-3 possibilities. We can’t show the whole painting for the card, unfortunately, because other vendors are selling the original, full versions as greeting cards already. We don’t want to hurt the artists’ existing sales.

This is another example by different artist: Helga Weidekat from Mission Framing in South Pasadena. Where is the limit of re-purposing this design? With Helga’s, I have a new consideration to think about. Her original design is nice already, elegant by itself. I have to be careful that in re-designing it, I make the composition better, not worse.

Here are the original crafts.

Here are the new designs.

What do you think about the trees with the stamp? Don’t you think that any bookscrappers can do this design? If yes, then is it a bad idea to digitize it and mass print them? How can I push this particular design better without looking like I’m pretending to be a bookscrapper?

I looked at this site a lot for inspirations. But it didn’t exactly translate into the design. We are just different. They are nice design nonetheless.