My sister’s lovely jewelry

My sister’s lovely jewelry

I have a family that is very skilled and adventurous. My wise mom is a bio-pharmacist. My smart dad is a mechanical engineer who drifted to something else. My no-nonsense brother is a doctor who happens to be drifting to something else more exciting right now. My brave sister was a mechanical engineer who became a jewelry designer. Her company is called Serasi Jewelry.

A couple months ago, my sister visited me and had a request. She needed some photos taken to showcase her jewelry. We looked around for inspiration and found that, most of the time, the jewelry needed a specific setting around it to make the photos look more attractive without taking the focus away from the jewelry itself. So, we started looking for things to use in the background. It’s a good thing that I work for a creative agency; there were so many objects available to me that we could use to style the environment. I found myself enjoying the process so much!

Awww, look at her comments on her Facebook page!

She comes to me occasionally for advice and opinions on various things related to her jewelry and graphic design. Here are some designs that I have done for her.

She is becoming a better and better designer as time goes by. Smarter, sharper, and more sensitive about sizing and contrasting colors. And of course, more intuitive in knowing what her customers on the East Coast prefer. Check her store out here!

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