The Emotional Typography

The Emotional Typography

Typography is the art of using fonts that involves choosing the typefaces, sizing them, spacing each font to another, spacing each line, and measuring the length and the width of the lines.

Choosing your typefaces wisely is important. Even before you consider the size, length, layout, etc., the typeface itself has expresses certain emotion subconsciously to its reader. Take a look at the example below.

This is a make-up food name written using different typefaces. Imagine how the food is cooked, how it tastes, and the environment of the restaurant / place where it is served.

I personally don’t do type design. Perhaps one day I will. I might have to have a crash course with my good friend Pipiek Prahastuti first how to design it properly.

Here is a little game. Guess from which movie / company / food and drinks brand name the word below comes from!

Click here to find out the answer for column 1 and here for column 2

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