Whom are you designing for?

Whom are you designing for?

There is always a fine line when designing for a client. The fine line being: are you designing for the client, about the client, or designing about me, for me, what I like? Another fine line for the other side, the client side that is, is that : do you like this certain design because of who you are, or because of what your business is all about?

I have experienced both fine lines during my career. Luckily, I’m usually sensitive enough to know where the border lies. There was one time that I had to design a website focusing on career advice. The owner got carried away and the website looked like his personal site about his own journey in life. Meanwhile, the target market of the site is for people in accounting, management, and HR area. Fortunately, he listened to me when I said that we had to step back and look at the purpose of the site. We fixed the design and safely launched the site.

In another case, there was a designer that got carried away and forgot who the client was. Let’s just talk visually. It’s easier that way.

This is the client:

This is the proposed design by Eka, my friend. He originally wanted to put the guy on the globe, then launched into a conversation about his own situation that was being symbolized by the guy on the composition.

I gently nudged him why he shouldn’t do that. I reminded him about who and what the client does. Eka was humble enough to acknowledge his mistake. Then we both re-worked the cool design that he already started. Here are the list that we did:
– Reduced the amount of the objects
– Rethinking about the guy up on the roof
– Applied the same color from MadHaus original material
– Re-introduced some elements already used in MadHaus original materials

Here is the progress for the design:

Now, awaiting the client’s approval.

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