Jewelry and roses

Jewelry and roses

It used to be that when we visited each other, we would increase Rosa’s creatives by revisiting her jewelry creations, her future ideas, her campaigns, etc. That was on hiatus for nearly 2 years due to my giving birth to my little one, then a long adjustment period due to my being first-time-mom. It was quite a mind battle switching from productive career years, intellectually, socially, to spending daily with zero-knowledge-one-person.

She is almost 2 now. Beautiful, super smart, lovely and so loving. She changes the dynamic life of (obviously) my family, grandpas and grandmas, uncles, aunts, etc, who mostly haven’t had such young ones around them for many years already. Yeah I gave birth quite late, at my 40s.


I am finally back to helping my sister whenever I can. I want to. I have to. I desire to. It’s my joy to tread in this joyful water again: creative world.

Rosa texted me two rosy images.

A salad. Too beautiful to eat. Although you actually can.



A jewelry. Her usual question to me: Any advice? Feedback? Comments?



My answer below:





After several more petals adjustments, this is the final result.