Modern art deco necklace and earrings

Modern art deco necklace and earrings

Simple is better. I have applied simplicity to my clothing (“capsuling” my wardrobe), my accessories (have just a few to use for any events), my kitchen stuff, my books, even the way we prepare food at home.

I haven’t been able to simplify my daily chores tho, balancing between household work and full time job and studying for personal growth. I’ve just started with 3 goals for one week. Then my mind nagged me to do 3 goals in one day instead. Doh! Overachiever!

Rosa has been simplifying her jewelry design, too. She started from the colorful Serasi Jewelry, her first store, which I totally loved. I was mesmerized by the complexities of the colors and her matching them with metals with different kind and shape. Then she simplified to Simply Serasi, which carries gold and silver metals jewelry. Very art deco, very simple and geometric.

Today’s photo is this:


I said, simplify it. She was using too many gold beads. Simplifying is a process really.



So then she erased the beads using photoshop because she couldn’t retake the picture. She was using natural light and the sun passed her home already. It was an easy fix.

Her final photo is in her instagram, retouched and cleaned-up. You can see the earrings here in her Etsy. She can customize them slightly by adding colors.