Siblings jewelry

Siblings jewelry

I would love my baby to have another siblings. She won’t be alone, she will have a company to play with together and to grow up old together. I am so thankful for my parents and their parents and theirs who bravely had so many children. Bravely.. or maybe no choice? Haha. Wouldn’t ask that question to my parents.

Despite of that, I don’t think I will. I can barely handle one right now. But siblings.. aaahh.. so nice to have them.

My sister Rosa just created a necklace for siblings. There are 3 names on one necklace. Makes me wonder how many hours she took to finish this project. She does have the hand coordination, the neatness, and the patience to do this.

Here is the photo she sent me.


My advice for her:



I have forgotten the definition of tension point. Heck I almost forgot the term “tension point” itself. It was a tension where it pulls the eyes attention unnecessarily from the vocal point. Rosa committed this many times in her photos. But that’s okey, she is getting better at spotting it herself and correcting it.

She then played further with the arrangements on the objects in her photo.



She decided this is good enough. The envelopes were cropped to make them “less important” in this photo composition. The highlights remained on Zach, Benny, and Zoe.

The final composition is here.