Streamlining design across all media

Streamlining design across all media

Ventura Foods has been with us since ..err… let’s see.. 2001! I have seen a couple products of theirs evolve visually over the years. This is one of theirs that turned out really nice: Classic Gourmet Dressing & Sauces.  I didn’t start the original branding. I followed the branding discipline across other media based on the brochures that they gave me.

Above are a couple food posters that I have designed.

This is a cover design for their PowerPoint presentation and a template for the body. Having beautiful food photos really helps make my work a lot easier. 

And finally, a website for the CLG section.

[nggallery id=vf-clg-website]

After shooting the product photos we were lucky enough to get some of their salad dressing samples, in gallon size, too!