UI design and Infographics related project

Here are some humble infographics projects that I have done in the past. I wish I had more clients that needed serious, complicated infographics design. It’s a nice challenge to organize all the data scattered around into a good design that has legible, flowing, understandable information but is still pleasing to the eye.

Shopzilla – 2005. AccuRate is a premium utility that provides deeper analysis for vendors. It is similar to FaceBook analytics reporting for business pages (Facebook Insights). On the very last slide, you can see that, other than several phone conversations, Shopzilla also gave me a 38 page manual to get project specifications from.

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Smart Site – 2011. I’ve just finished this project. This is an internal website for Ventura Foods brokers. There are Before – After images below.

AFTER re-design

[nggallery id=smart-after]

This is what Ventura Foods showed me regarding what their engineers have developed. It took several phone calls to make sure that I understood how the pages should flow.

BEFORE re-design

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Infographics –  I have done a couple design comps for Ventura Foods. They are mostly for PPT presentations. So, they are usually not complicated. Below is a project timeline for website and a poster.

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Edison 2003 – present. Edison has been our clients for… for.. oh I don’t know, forever… I have done billboards, flyers, program books for their events, safety topics flyers and posters, etc. Can’t show you all of them here, it’ll be endless =). One of the most recent project was a poster for their office. The first slide was BEFORE and the next one is the AFTER.

[nggallery id=edison]


A good friend of mine from Ventura Foods wanted to support me in making an experimental infographics poster. She gave me an old report of the eggs market. The data was very complicated. It consisted of information for international markets, the kind of food, the time of consuming the egg yearly, seasonal-y, daily, etc. If she truly was a client, there would be a lot of trashing away some of the data, unless she wanted 5 posters not just 1 *raising eyebrows. I got sidetracked by other projects. I really need to get to work on it. The brainstorming part is done. It’s just the big part of actually executing the design that I need to get to work on. More details to follow…

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